Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Too Far Gone

They attack the weakest first. Then the first born. After that, the pattern is unknown. All the recent attacks don't seem to follow any rules. Except the rule of kill or be killed. Lord knows why people venture into the forest. No one comes out alive. I will never, in my life, step foot in that dreadful place.

The day is dark, dreary. That kind of day that makes you want forget everything and everyone. My duvet hugs my shoulders willing me to stay in bed, stay warm, stay happy. I push the idea of laziness out of my head and, reluctantly, roll out. I become covered in goosebumps as soon as my toes touch the crisp timber floors. I plod through the morning, not aware of my surroundings. On my long tiresome walk to work, I am presented with the hollows of the forest. For the first time, something beckons me into the dark. My knees begin to shake and my hands become clammy. The world becomes distorted and I slowly lose hold of reality. Several wobbly steps later, I find myself looking at trees in every direction. The trees sway gently in the breeze. The smell from the pine needles wafts up my nose. My heartbeat slows and my knees become steady. It's as if the forest has created a blanket of safety around me and as long as I am here, nothing can harm me. I truly believe I am in the right place, at the right time. Something big is going happen and I know it.

As I break from my bubble of serenity, the feeling of complete and utter fear creeps it's way up my spine making my whole body seize. I try to walk, I try to run, nothing is effective until the bush begin to shake and I can hear the slight chomping of jaws. I hear the sound of short sharp breaths on my left shoulder. Do I dare turn around and face what fate I have doomed myself to? I cannot think straight. I rotate slightly on the balls of my feet with my eyes squeezed shut. I feel a breath on my face and the smell of rotten fish and salt smacks me in the face. I peel my eyelids open. Blood stained teeth, pale grey flesh piercing eyes. People never survive alone. In a group there is room for betrayal. And I knew this. And now I'm as good as dead.

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