Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dazed, Confused and Possibly Dead

“Have a good one Lacey”
Shots echoed through the dark alley way as I aimlessly wandered home from my youth group. As the shots faded into the eerie silence, loud footsteps approached from the direction of the police station. I quickened my pace repeatedly in an attempt to escape the fear that was creeping up and down my spine. As I rounded the next corner, I could hear a soft whisper in my left ear. Get home girl. I froze in shock as no one resided on this street except me… as far as I could tell. I felt a sharp pinch in my right leg. I reached down to see what had so rudely pinched me. As my fingertip touched the problem area, I felt thick liquid dribbling down my leg. A larger metal object had been forced firmly into my calf. A piercing scream escaped my mouth as I attempted to limp in the general direction of my apartment. When I reached the steep wooden steps to my apartment I could hear a scream, similar to my own, resound in the distance. I heaved my aching body up the stairs, wincing at every bump. Finally inside my apartment, I could properly examine my leg. A large rusty nail had been pierced into my skin. Pushed into the skin as well was a small piece of brown paper. I tore the paper away from the nail, causing more thick blood to ooze out from the open wound. I unfolded the paper with shaky hands.

Young girl murdered in her apartment. 

23 year old Lacey Williams was brutally murdered in her downtown apartment last week. The monster who committed this heinous crime has still not been found but police are working their hardest on this case to finally give the family some sliver of closure. Lacey Williams was found in her bathroom with multiple stab wounds and chunks of her hair missing. The door was dead-bolted and there was no sign of forced entry. 

-By Sarah Stonehouse               Published 20/09/2017

 My hands began shaking uncontrollably. I took short sharp breaths for about a minute in an attempt to slow my racing heart. Baffled by what I had read, I tried continuously to wrap my head around the situation at hand. Contemplating my next move, I walked swiftly towards the front door and put the latch on and bolted it.  In an attempt to distract myself from the situation, I reached for the remote. Loud static surrounded me in a blanket of security. The window in the east side of my apartment rattled and pulled me out of my trance, I walked with a slow limp towards the wind blown window and slammed it shut in confused anger. I backed into my soft dusty red armchair, let out a muffled sigh and flicked on the overhead lamp. The bulb quivered and with a slight bang it blew. I lept from my seat, slipping on the waxy wooden floors, smashing my head on the wooden planks with a thud. The wound in my leg had begun to pus and turn a muddy yellow colour. Darkness began to flood in as dizziness swept over me and I fell with a thud onto the ground. Suddenly I was laying on the wooden floorboards looking up towards the paneled roof with my eyes rolling back into my head.

 Sunlight weaseled its way through a slit in the curtains. Eyes burning in relation to the sunlight, I rested and thought about the issue at hand. I rose to my feet and swiftly checked my watch. Noticing that my door, which I bolted closed last night, was no longer bolted closed panic crept up on me. Pushing the contents of my stomach up into my throat. I scurried to my feet quickly forgetting about the substantial amount of skin missing from my leg, and inspected my apartment. With nothing seeming different, confusion washed over my tired body. It didn’t appear that anyone had stolen anything. I contemplated going to the hospital when I remembered the sick note that I had found wedged in my leg the night before. Insightful that someone had been in my house as I slept made my throat tight and my hands shake and sweat. What had I done to deserve this?

Several hours later

 My phone buzzed from inside my pocket making me jump out of my skin. A shower of papers and notes from my desk, rained down over me due to the opened window.
“Hey Lace, lunch today at Jeffrey's?- Delilah”
In a desperate attempt to get away from my house and be able to explain the horrible happenings of last night, I replied swiftly.
"Yip be there by 12:30, hoping in the shower now”
I chucked my phone on the desk and proceeded to move towards the bathroom. I twisted the shower knob and with a gush water flickered out of the rusty shower head. I undressed and with no hesitation leaped in. The clean water rinsed my wound but made me wince in pain.

 Feeling refreshed I bounded out of the shower and promptly wrapped the warmed towel around me. Opening the bathroom door, a cascade of cool winter air billowed past my clean shoulders. I carried myself to my bedroom and sat on my untouched bed. I pulled out my upper draws looking for something warmer for the winter, I hauled a big woolen jumper over my damp hair. With a now wet back I slipped on a fresh pair of jeans in an attempt to hide the bandages covering my open wound knowing Delilah would mention it. I clutched my purse and moved into the kitchen knowing that I was late. I grabbed my phone and keys in a mad rush to get out the door. I slipped on my boots I pulled the door handle firmly towards me.  I then stepped out into the icy air and locked the door behind me. I delicately moved down the steps to my apartment in an attempt to stay as balanced as possible on the icy steps.

 I decided to take the bus since Jeffery's was a decent way from my house. I walked to the bus stop at the end of my street with my hands shoved in my pockets. While waiting under the shed like bus stop I heard a voice similar to the one that whispered in my ear last night. Curious to find where it was coming from, I sat forward and had a look around. No one else was at the stop thankfully. A strange sensation of someone touching me came upon me, but I turned to once again to see no one. Shrugging it off I rose for the bus as it pulled in with a low groan.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafted through the grimy bus. The leather seats were 76% stuffing and the windows were home to a thick layer of dust. I slowly lowered myself onto a seat in an attempt to keep my leg from spilling with blood once more. The bus creaked along the bumpy road, jolting violently to a halt at every stop.

To Be Continued...

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