Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tortured Souls Part One

Tortured Souls

 I flinched as her icy fingers ran down my cheek and obliterated the fast rolling tears. Her lips turning purple, as oxygen was sucked from her collapsed lungs. Her eyes, once as blue as Tenerife Sea, now turning the colour of clouds on dark day. Her life slowly being snatched from her grasp as if she was being cruelly tortured for wrong doings.

3 months prior

  Her eyes connected with mine and I felt a hollowness run through my veins. I finally understood why people call it eye contact. I felt as if she was talking to me through the pupils in her ravishing eyes. Her message did not seem to be friendly, but there was something about it I couldn't let go. I snapped out of it when I vaguely heard my name being bellowed from the front of the room. As I turned Ms Baldwin's face greeted me, her pulsing veins far to close for comfort. I could here her wretched soulless heart beating as she moved closer towards me. She spit her words at me like venom from a snakes tongue.
"Mr Peterson if your thoughts are wandering then I thinks it's best you follow them, right out of this classroom and to see Mrs Wright"
 Reluctantly, I heaved by bag over my aching shoulder and swung out the door. I liked the school halls better anyway. The airy silence bought a thousand thoughts, the twisted ideas weaving in and out of my mind scape. None of the distractions that come when sitting in a crowded room listening to some old hag babble on about Al-Ja-Bra. I don't care for learning. Never have, never will. I do though. I looked around swiftly. I adore learning. No one else was around, but the thought was not my own. My thought process was slammed to a halt when a door creaked open and Mrs Wright stepped out.
"Mr Peterson, what illegal activities have you been dabbling in today."
I sighed heavily and replied. "Why so formal mother" I scoffed "Or should I say Step Monster"
 Mrs Wright/Step Monster/Jacqui, swiftly pulled her thick mousy brown hair into a tight ponytail. She thought it made her look more sophisticated, but really she just looked like a twat. Her makeup was caked on, her ponytail drooped and her dress pants bunched in weird places. I knew all of this because a week ago she had asked me about it.
("Does this look okay?")
("You look like a twat")
This also happened to be the same day my actual mother disappeared. No sooner then Mum had disappeared I discovered my father and Jacqui had eloped. Also Mum and Dad had been divorced for a long time and just "forgot to mention it". So February 19 is now, as I like to call it, Day of all the shitty things.
 Jacqui shoved the door to her office open and guided me inside with a disappointed look smothered on her face.

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