Monday, April 27, 2015

Runaway Part One

  Her blonde hair fluttered around in the wind. Her window sat open, propped up against a tall stick. The annoying sound of the television echoed up the hallway and into her room. She lifted her foot out of the covers and gently placed it on the floor. Slowly and silently, she tiptoed across the plush carpet. The wind howled outside carrying her dying dreams with them. She swung herself through the window frame and descended out. Quicker than a fox, she sprinted around the corner of her house and retrieved the duffel bag she had shoved in a bush earlier. Seeking transport and shelter she had stolen several hundred dollars while her parents dozed on the couch. Whilst unzipping the bag she scampered across the road and up the street. Soon enough she arrived at the train station, awaiting the arrival of her escape vehicle. The wind howled in the darkness of the early morning. Probably not the best night to get out of here. She raised her hood over her head, sat on the concrete and hugged her knees. She rocked back and forth in an attempt to warm her freezing body. She heard trees snap under the harsh conditions. Eventually she decided under the shelter would be safer. She rose to her feet wit pins and needles rushing up her legs.
She froze, captivated with fear. In the distance, the sound of the approaching train brought little comfort. She had been found and her freedom snatched out from underneath her. As the train came to a stop she felt a small hand on her shoulder.
"Georgia" A soft voice whispered "What are you doing out here this late"
 Although she knew she would now have to return home she felt warm inside. She rotated her head slowly. Before her stood a girl with sky blue eyes and mouse brown hair. Brenna.
"I'm just going for a walk" Georgia muttered.
Brenna scanned her up and down then glanced at her watch.
"With a duffel bag packed with clothes at 2:49 in the morning"
Georgia smiled innocently and shrugged her shoulders. Brenna looked at her with doubt splashed on her face. Eventually Georgia gave in and explained the predicament. An awkward silence coated the icy air.
"Take me with you" Brenna begged "It will be fun"
 Georgia was relentless at first then welcomed the idea. So the two girls leapt on the train, seeking an adventure.