Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reality or Not

 Twigs from the tree that stands outside, tap on my window. They scrap down as if someone is clawing their way inside. I haul the covers back onto my bed and bundle them around me. My stomach feels hollow and empty. As if something is eating me from the inside out. Guilt. I sink myself further and further into the blankets. Hoping that if the world is hidden the guilt will slowly slip away. How do I fill this pit in my stomach.
I swing my legs out of the covers and tiptoe towards the door. I slip downstairs in the dark and slide into the kitchen. I pull the fridge door open and gather an assortment of food that will hopefully fill me up. I balance the food in my arms and trudge towards the lounge. The television switches on automatically. Thank god for technology. Dreadful blood curdling screams greet me. My brother yet again left the T.V on one of his ungodly horror movies. He knows I don't sleep and he insisted on leaving them on. Probably his way of saying "Mornin' Sis". I dive for the remote and put on my favorite movie. The Hallway that Breathes. It's a movie about a house that's alive and these teenagers go in and the hallway changes every time they move. I like horror movies. Just not my brothers horror movies. His are too unrealistic. When my favourite scene is playing (a scene where one of the girls goes missing and the hallway gets longer) I hear shrieking from upstairs. I shovel a handful of chips in my mouth and lumber upstairs. The screams come from the cupboard. My legs wobbled and when I opened the cupboard door I was no longer in my house. I stood in a wide open field with flowers blossoming everywhere. I fall into the flowers and bundle them in my arms. Bees buzz around my head. I close my eyes and I hear violins and pianos beginning to play. I open my eyes with a jerk. The air around me is thin. My mother and father hover over me. Me dark hair is brush and put in a halo braid. I try to move to no eval. Around me is a giant cushion almost like a bed. My father reaches over me. But he is not pulling me out. He grabs a wooden plank and drops it over me.
"We're gonna miss ya sis" Says a voice outside the box.
The scent from the flowers grasped in my hand waft up my nose. I throw them aside and pound on the sides of the box. I hear my mother call from outside.
" Shut up and stop screaming"
Her arms grasp around me. I open my eyes and I am in the lounge again. Real or not.

Monday, March 17, 2014

That Sinking Feeling

I put out my index finger and middle finger together “armed” and ready. I stroll towards the glass cabinet and wait for my signal. The lights quickly switch on and off. Almost too quick to notice. Thats my cue. I tap the glass cabinet in the middle and go diagonally down to the right hand corner gradually hitting harder each time. When I reach the corner the glass shatters. I snatch the contents and open my jacket. My furry little friend jumps out. I have had him in my jacket for hours and hes not happy. When the first security guard comes for me , my furry friend dashes up his legs. The guard whose all tough on the outside looks at this moment like he’s on fire. He slaps himself literally everywhere. His blood curdling screams echo through the building. While he’s distracted I bolt out the door. I sprint until I am out of puff. Gravel crunches beneath my feet. face. I tilt my head back as a drip falls in my mouth. I feel refreshed even if it was only one drop, but I can't stay here long. My feet hurt and I need to rest. In the distance I see light and where there are lights there are people. When I reach the town where the lights lead me I stroll down the street. Arms crossed trying not to draw attention to myself. Without warning heavy arms wrap around me. I sigh deeply with displeasure. A deep husky voice growls down my ear.
“Make a scene and we’ll both lose our heads”
I am dragged for miles. Back down the gravel road. Suddenly my attacker changes course. We stumble down a bank and only stop when we come to a river.
“Have fun” the person grumbles.
I am hoisted up and thrown in. I sink down, air being sucked from my lungs. I don’t fight I just go lose. The contents I stole floats out of my jacket. Her beady eyes stare at me. She try to grab me, but I shake my head. She swims to the top. “Sorry” I mouth at her before everything goes black.