Monday, April 15, 2013

Those Four Words

  As her hand glides across my face my head is thrown back. I collapse on the ground in tears. My cheek stings with pain. All she can do is stand there staring. You can almost feel the tension in the air. I glance up and see the horrified look on her face. Then I look at her hand. It’s bright red. My cheek is probably the same color. As she runs into her room, her little brother charges up the stairs.
“Imogen what did Jenna do to you” He screams.
All I can do is let tears roll down my cheeks onto the carpet. He walks over to Jenna’s door and slams his hand against it. He is extremely strong for a seven year old.
“Jenna get out here you hurt Imogen” He yells through the door. He is also quite rude for a seven year old.
As he is pushing on Jenna’s door trying to get it open, I rise to my feet and pull the back of my hand up to my eyes and push away the remaining tears. After I have recovered I walk nervously up to Jenna’s door, lift her little brother out of the way and open the door. The first thing I see is Jenna standing in the corner, her head in her hands. I trudge over to her.
“It’s alright Jen” I whisper to her.
“No it’s not” She replies “I hit you and made you cry”
We stand there speechless, not talking, just thinking.
“Yeah you did” I say slowly because it just came to me that she hurt me.
She returns with four words that I wish I could have unheard.
“What’s wrong with me?”

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