Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I will keep you safe even 100 million star lights away

I drift through the clouds as terror unfolds below me. I fold over my wings and land gently on a nearby star to rest and observe through my telescope what is happening below. The first thing I see is the islander running for the hills. Their huts are scattered in thousands of pieces. The wood chips can clearly be seen embedded in some of the elders limbs. Thankfully they are just small wood chips. I heave my telescope to one side and get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.
"Woops to far, you silly telescope" I say quietly to myself, but after quickly darting my head around to make sure no one heard me. Even out here in the middle of the Milky Way, there is fear someone might hear something you don't want them too.
I swing my telescope back to the island. Since I have been gone seven more viking-like boats have appeared. I can see many muscular men all with the same tattoo on their right shoulder. It looks like an eagle with a spear in it's mouth in some sort of ring. Probably a cultural thing. I guide the telescope over to the mountains. Half of the village is there already but the elders weren't so lucky. They have been captured and put on boats. I wonder what will become of this scenario.
"I'll have to come back tomorrow" I say as the telescope clicks off.
To be continued...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Share Love, Hope and Belief

If we share love no one would lose hope.
If we share hope then everyone would feel loved.
If we share our belief in people they will make it through any hard-ship.
People with diseases (I know this from experience) find it easier to keep pushing through if they have love, hope and belief.
I think if no one had believed in my cousin who had leukemia, he would have never pushed through.
People in countries like New Zealand and Australia don't have to worry too much about getting their favorite meal or a new toy.
Be kind. Share Love.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Those Four Words

  As her hand glides across my face my head is thrown back. I collapse on the ground in tears. My cheek stings with pain. All she can do is stand there staring. You can almost feel the tension in the air. I glance up and see the horrified look on her face. Then I look at her hand. It’s bright red. My cheek is probably the same color. As she runs into her room, her little brother charges up the stairs.
“Imogen what did Jenna do to you” He screams.
All I can do is let tears roll down my cheeks onto the carpet. He walks over to Jenna’s door and slams his hand against it. He is extremely strong for a seven year old.
“Jenna get out here you hurt Imogen” He yells through the door. He is also quite rude for a seven year old.
As he is pushing on Jenna’s door trying to get it open, I rise to my feet and pull the back of my hand up to my eyes and push away the remaining tears. After I have recovered I walk nervously up to Jenna’s door, lift her little brother out of the way and open the door. The first thing I see is Jenna standing in the corner, her head in her hands. I trudge over to her.
“It’s alright Jen” I whisper to her.
“No it’s not” She replies “I hit you and made you cry”
We stand there speechless, not talking, just thinking.
“Yeah you did” I say slowly because it just came to me that she hurt me.
She returns with four words that I wish I could have unheard.
“What’s wrong with me?”

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dead Love

 In the dark of night I hear the howl of my cat.That's normal but the echo isn't. It's mysterious this new noise my cat has made. I jump down the steps one by one following the noise into the bathroom. There in the bath lies my cat.....but something isn't right. My cats limbs are sprawled across the bath. It looks like  something snapped its little bones like a wishbone. Blood drips down from its neck, making its orange fur damp and red. I collapse to my knees. And just like that we are separated. One alive and one dead ...for now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dying with Him

 I slump up the concrete stairs not even watching where I'm going. When I reach the top, my foot gets caught on the edge of the step. When my head hits the concrete, pain spreads throughout my body. Blood trickles down my head and splashes onto the concrete. People passing by just walk on not realizing how severe my injuries probably are. When my eyes start to close, I feel arms wrap around me and lift my head up. I pry my eyes open and I can see its a boy from my school. At least I died in peace.
I will be taking a break from my Caravan 63 series but stayed tuned in because it will be back. I will be putting a new story up each week so keep your eyes peeled from the forth story in my Caravan 63 series.