Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caravan 63 Part Three: Catching up

 I can taste the tension wafting off my icicle frozen body like a cloud of smoke in the air. Snow gently drifts off the willow trees above me. Even though this part of my story seems calm... it isn't. In the distance, I hear the alarming screams of police sirens. Now your probably wondering "What did she do." Patience. I'll tell you soon. As the sirens hurtle closer, I hunker down into a lush green bush. My name is Macey, I'm eighteen and at the moment I am racing across America trying to find my little sister Angel. In case you were curious.
 As I lets myself fall deeper into the bush I am hiding in, I start to slowly drift off to sleep, listening to the sound of the ocean just below me. When I wake I am startled to find myself  in a rusty old van with three large men looming over me. I can see their lips moving but no words are coming out. When they can see that I am clearly confused, one of the men bends down and reaches for my mouth. I try to wriggle away thinking that this is the end...but all he does is peel a long strip of tape off my now red face.
"Tell us what the hell you are doing running across America" One of the other men barks at me. Before I reply I pull my hand up and wipe the wet spit from my face.
"I regret to inform you lads but I don't think I should tell you that"
Before he punches my lights out I spot a small window just above my head. Escape. I think before I'm in a deep "peaceful" sleep.


 I try to stare around the dark room I am in but with my eyes black, blue and swollen it makes it the tiniest bit difficult. I know people are around me, because I can hear murmurs of conversation. I wish that Macey was here. But since she isn't I guess I have to get out of this by myself. As I am thinking about how to get out, the sound of a door slamming. My heart lifts letting joy flow out of me. They have left.
 When I am positive their gone I stand up and bite off the tape around my wrist. After that I rip the tape around my head off. When its all gone I dash towards the stairs and slightly opened door at the top. My fingers grip around the I can hear the front door opening. I can see large men through the gap. Each one just as displeasing to the eye as the last. I try to make out what they are holding whilst stepping back down the stairs and hiding back in the corner.


 I struggle to get out of the sack I'm in, as I am pushed down what I can tell are stairs. I can hear shouting coming from the corner of the room as I exit the sack. Because they have left the door open I can see in the corner of the room. I stare trying to decipher who they are yelling at......until I see ash blond hair.
 Her head spins around to look at me. Just as our eyes meet she is dragged away. Before I think about what I'm doing I sprawl out and grip her ankle. Unfortunately I'm not as strong as three man giants. So as a result they haul me up and throw me to the ground. My wrists are bound with rope and I am taped to the wall.
 When the men have stepped out and slammed the door, Angel crawls over to me and embraces me.
"Will we ever get out Macey"
 As much as I can I wrap my arm around her.
"I don't know baby....I just don't know."

Sorry it's a bit late.

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