Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caravan 63 Part two: Running across America

 If you are reading this you probably know what has happened to my little sister Angel. If you don't know I'll tell you. It was about three days ago, this may be hard to understand but an old man took my sister and drove away with her. You all probably think that I am lying because old people are sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly. Well I'm here to tell you that nearly everything you about most old people is probably false. Now don't go and run to your Mum and scream "Mum, Granny and Grandpa are evil and trying to take over the world". Because it probably a very select few of old people that want to take over the world and most of them probably don't have a joyful life and a family. So you are safe from the "Take Over The World Plan". But you also don't have to worry because something inside me tells me the old people are not the real problem. Which is good, but there is something much much worse coming. Anyway back to and my family were at this holiday park for only one night before Angel was kidnapped. Since then we have left the holiday park. Mum and Dad have just sat on the couch waiting for the police to call, but I have gone out to look for her. The police said that think the old man went to Ohio. They said he must been desperate to get away from Arizona to go that far. At the moment I'm in the process of trying to get a ride to Kentucky from here in Georgia. It seems like everywhere I go I see Angels face. It pains me to know that she is probably still with that old man feeling scared and abused. It pains me even more to think that its very likely that she has been abused and could be all bloodied up on her face. Its torture not knowing exactly where she is or who she is with.
Well, anyway, I am going to tell you something that I am still trying to forget. This is kind of out of the blue, but I think you need to know. It is the first time Angel started acting out of character. Here goes...
 I was riding down my street one day on my flash new bike that Angel and Mum got for me on my birthday two months ago ( Mum bought it, Angel picked it out) when my cell phone started to vibrate and start the my favorite song from 1D, Kiss you.
Instantly I pulled my bike to the side of the road, skidding along the grass for a sec before coming to an abrupt halt.
Pulling the phone from my back pocket, I flipped it open.
"Hello?" I said rather breathlessly, panting as a tight cramp grasped my stomach from moving to fast.
"Who is this?"
For a moment there was no reply, and then a petrified, shaking voice gasped "Macey?"
My heart skipped a beat. My breath came in short, shallow chokes of air. I collapsed next to my bike, the concrete hard against my bare legs.
"Yes I don't have much time but listen carefully.......have you ever done something so vile that you cant tell anyone because it's so despicable."
 For a moment I couldn't answer but I knew there was something. When I was thinking about whether or not I should...could tell her the line went dead. When I got home Angel was just sitting there looking petrified. She wouldn't tell me why she called. She kept saying "I didn't call you." She said that over and over again like she was a broken record.
 Now dear reader that I told you that I will have to try very hard to forget it. Maybe later I will tell you more but for know I need get off the side of the road and sleep.

Thanks for staying tuned in. Keep viewing for Part three to find out Macey's dark secret and if she will ever find Angel.
Thanks to my friend Angel for writing some to help me.

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