Monday, July 22, 2013

I am not Romeo but she is my Juliet

The rusty gate creaked as I pulled it off it’s hinges in fury. The acute wire from the gate dug into my forearm. I wrench back my jumper to see bone, skin and blood. Faintly I could the roar of an engine and the smell of burning rubber. I collapsed to my knee making them ache and tighten. I gaze up. There she is, as beautiful as a summer day. I reach out as she blows away with the harsh wind. I stare at the ground, then fall back in heartache. My head spinning.
“Please don’t leave me” I whisper.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why not get myself in more trouble

Pain ripped through my back as the whip collided with my fragile spine. I could hear the crowd counting enthusiastically each time the whip hit my back, 37, 38, 39, 40. They cheered as crimson blood ran down my cheeks.
Suddenly the man who was put in charge of torturing me stopped.
"Johnathon Octavius Headier, you are being charged with 86 counts of disobeying space law, do you have anything to say for yourself"
"Yes......catch me if you can" I yelled leaping up and bouncing on the giant bubble wrap walls.
I leapt from wall to wall and out the door.
"Well that was fun"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I will keep you safe even 100 million star lights away

I drift through the clouds as terror unfolds below me. I fold over my wings and land gently on a nearby star to rest and observe through my telescope what is happening below. The first thing I see is the islander running for the hills. Their huts are scattered in thousands of pieces. The wood chips can clearly be seen embedded in some of the elders limbs. Thankfully they are just small wood chips. I heave my telescope to one side and get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.
"Woops to far, you silly telescope" I say quietly to myself, but after quickly darting my head around to make sure no one heard me. Even out here in the middle of the Milky Way, there is fear someone might hear something you don't want them too.
I swing my telescope back to the island. Since I have been gone seven more viking-like boats have appeared. I can see many muscular men all with the same tattoo on their right shoulder. It looks like an eagle with a spear in it's mouth in some sort of ring. Probably a cultural thing. I guide the telescope over to the mountains. Half of the village is there already but the elders weren't so lucky. They have been captured and put on boats. I wonder what will become of this scenario.
"I'll have to come back tomorrow" I say as the telescope clicks off.
To be continued...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Share Love, Hope and Belief

If we share love no one would lose hope.
If we share hope then everyone would feel loved.
If we share our belief in people they will make it through any hard-ship.
People with diseases (I know this from experience) find it easier to keep pushing through if they have love, hope and belief.
I think if no one had believed in my cousin who had leukemia, he would have never pushed through.
People in countries like New Zealand and Australia don't have to worry too much about getting their favorite meal or a new toy.
Be kind. Share Love.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Those Four Words

  As her hand glides across my face my head is thrown back. I collapse on the ground in tears. My cheek stings with pain. All she can do is stand there staring. You can almost feel the tension in the air. I glance up and see the horrified look on her face. Then I look at her hand. It’s bright red. My cheek is probably the same color. As she runs into her room, her little brother charges up the stairs.
“Imogen what did Jenna do to you” He screams.
All I can do is let tears roll down my cheeks onto the carpet. He walks over to Jenna’s door and slams his hand against it. He is extremely strong for a seven year old.
“Jenna get out here you hurt Imogen” He yells through the door. He is also quite rude for a seven year old.
As he is pushing on Jenna’s door trying to get it open, I rise to my feet and pull the back of my hand up to my eyes and push away the remaining tears. After I have recovered I walk nervously up to Jenna’s door, lift her little brother out of the way and open the door. The first thing I see is Jenna standing in the corner, her head in her hands. I trudge over to her.
“It’s alright Jen” I whisper to her.
“No it’s not” She replies “I hit you and made you cry”
We stand there speechless, not talking, just thinking.
“Yeah you did” I say slowly because it just came to me that she hurt me.
She returns with four words that I wish I could have unheard.
“What’s wrong with me?”

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dead Love

 In the dark of night I hear the howl of my cat.That's normal but the echo isn't. It's mysterious this new noise my cat has made. I jump down the steps one by one following the noise into the bathroom. There in the bath lies my cat.....but something isn't right. My cats limbs are sprawled across the bath. It looks like  something snapped its little bones like a wishbone. Blood drips down from its neck, making its orange fur damp and red. I collapse to my knees. And just like that we are separated. One alive and one dead ...for now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dying with Him

 I slump up the concrete stairs not even watching where I'm going. When I reach the top, my foot gets caught on the edge of the step. When my head hits the concrete, pain spreads throughout my body. Blood trickles down my head and splashes onto the concrete. People passing by just walk on not realizing how severe my injuries probably are. When my eyes start to close, I feel arms wrap around me and lift my head up. I pry my eyes open and I can see its a boy from my school. At least I died in peace.
I will be taking a break from my Caravan 63 series but stayed tuned in because it will be back. I will be putting a new story up each week so keep your eyes peeled from the forth story in my Caravan 63 series.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caravan 63 Part Three: Catching up

 I can taste the tension wafting off my icicle frozen body like a cloud of smoke in the air. Snow gently drifts off the willow trees above me. Even though this part of my story seems calm... it isn't. In the distance, I hear the alarming screams of police sirens. Now your probably wondering "What did she do." Patience. I'll tell you soon. As the sirens hurtle closer, I hunker down into a lush green bush. My name is Macey, I'm eighteen and at the moment I am racing across America trying to find my little sister Angel. In case you were curious.
 As I lets myself fall deeper into the bush I am hiding in, I start to slowly drift off to sleep, listening to the sound of the ocean just below me. When I wake I am startled to find myself  in a rusty old van with three large men looming over me. I can see their lips moving but no words are coming out. When they can see that I am clearly confused, one of the men bends down and reaches for my mouth. I try to wriggle away thinking that this is the end...but all he does is peel a long strip of tape off my now red face.
"Tell us what the hell you are doing running across America" One of the other men barks at me. Before I reply I pull my hand up and wipe the wet spit from my face.
"I regret to inform you lads but I don't think I should tell you that"
Before he punches my lights out I spot a small window just above my head. Escape. I think before I'm in a deep "peaceful" sleep.


 I try to stare around the dark room I am in but with my eyes black, blue and swollen it makes it the tiniest bit difficult. I know people are around me, because I can hear murmurs of conversation. I wish that Macey was here. But since she isn't I guess I have to get out of this by myself. As I am thinking about how to get out, the sound of a door slamming. My heart lifts letting joy flow out of me. They have left.
 When I am positive their gone I stand up and bite off the tape around my wrist. After that I rip the tape around my head off. When its all gone I dash towards the stairs and slightly opened door at the top. My fingers grip around the I can hear the front door opening. I can see large men through the gap. Each one just as displeasing to the eye as the last. I try to make out what they are holding whilst stepping back down the stairs and hiding back in the corner.


 I struggle to get out of the sack I'm in, as I am pushed down what I can tell are stairs. I can hear shouting coming from the corner of the room as I exit the sack. Because they have left the door open I can see in the corner of the room. I stare trying to decipher who they are yelling at......until I see ash blond hair.
 Her head spins around to look at me. Just as our eyes meet she is dragged away. Before I think about what I'm doing I sprawl out and grip her ankle. Unfortunately I'm not as strong as three man giants. So as a result they haul me up and throw me to the ground. My wrists are bound with rope and I am taped to the wall.
 When the men have stepped out and slammed the door, Angel crawls over to me and embraces me.
"Will we ever get out Macey"
 As much as I can I wrap my arm around her.
"I don't know baby....I just don't know."

Sorry it's a bit late.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caravan 63 Part two: Running across America

 If you are reading this you probably know what has happened to my little sister Angel. If you don't know I'll tell you. It was about three days ago, this may be hard to understand but an old man took my sister and drove away with her. You all probably think that I am lying because old people are sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly. Well I'm here to tell you that nearly everything you about most old people is probably false. Now don't go and run to your Mum and scream "Mum, Granny and Grandpa are evil and trying to take over the world". Because it probably a very select few of old people that want to take over the world and most of them probably don't have a joyful life and a family. So you are safe from the "Take Over The World Plan". But you also don't have to worry because something inside me tells me the old people are not the real problem. Which is good, but there is something much much worse coming. Anyway back to and my family were at this holiday park for only one night before Angel was kidnapped. Since then we have left the holiday park. Mum and Dad have just sat on the couch waiting for the police to call, but I have gone out to look for her. The police said that think the old man went to Ohio. They said he must been desperate to get away from Arizona to go that far. At the moment I'm in the process of trying to get a ride to Kentucky from here in Georgia. It seems like everywhere I go I see Angels face. It pains me to know that she is probably still with that old man feeling scared and abused. It pains me even more to think that its very likely that she has been abused and could be all bloodied up on her face. Its torture not knowing exactly where she is or who she is with.
Well, anyway, I am going to tell you something that I am still trying to forget. This is kind of out of the blue, but I think you need to know. It is the first time Angel started acting out of character. Here goes...
 I was riding down my street one day on my flash new bike that Angel and Mum got for me on my birthday two months ago ( Mum bought it, Angel picked it out) when my cell phone started to vibrate and start the my favorite song from 1D, Kiss you.
Instantly I pulled my bike to the side of the road, skidding along the grass for a sec before coming to an abrupt halt.
Pulling the phone from my back pocket, I flipped it open.
"Hello?" I said rather breathlessly, panting as a tight cramp grasped my stomach from moving to fast.
"Who is this?"
For a moment there was no reply, and then a petrified, shaking voice gasped "Macey?"
My heart skipped a beat. My breath came in short, shallow chokes of air. I collapsed next to my bike, the concrete hard against my bare legs.
"Yes I don't have much time but listen carefully.......have you ever done something so vile that you cant tell anyone because it's so despicable."
 For a moment I couldn't answer but I knew there was something. When I was thinking about whether or not I should...could tell her the line went dead. When I got home Angel was just sitting there looking petrified. She wouldn't tell me why she called. She kept saying "I didn't call you." She said that over and over again like she was a broken record.
 Now dear reader that I told you that I will have to try very hard to forget it. Maybe later I will tell you more but for know I need get off the side of the road and sleep.

Thanks for staying tuned in. Keep viewing for Part three to find out Macey's dark secret and if she will ever find Angel.
Thanks to my friend Angel for writing some to help me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Caravan 63 Part one

 As I waltz down the never-ending path, leaves and twigs rapidly fall onto the ground all around me. Kids are riding bikes and scooters past me. When I look back behind me, I see the world outside the gates. It's as if I have jumped into Alice In Wonderland where everything looks different from the real world. As I walk my sandals sound like they are slapping the concrete road with every step I take. When I look up at the trees, I can see the afternoon sun trying to break it's way through the microscopic gaps. On my journey down the path, the next thing I see is the caravan park. The people staying in the caravans are mostly old. The only person in the caravan park that acknowledges my existence is the old man in caravan 63. He glares out the window of the caravan with sunken eyes. As I walk further up, an old lady comes up to me. Her eyes look worried. She grabs my arms tight (so tight i expect my dark blood to seep out of my arm.) She whispers in my ear. Her voice is gentle but words coming out are demanding and hostile. The words she whispers are four simple words, but together they make me skittish. She spits the words out like fire...... GET OUT OF HERE! I walk calmly (but swiftly) out of the caravan park. But I don't like the way the old man stares at me until I exit the caravan park and even then his beady eyes continue to follow me all the way down the end of the road where my tent is set up. I am sure that even when I enter the tent he can still hear my heart beat in terror. When I come out again I am with my six year old sister Angel. I can see the old man and the look on his face when he sees Angel. He looks very pleased.
 All night I can't stop thinking about the old man and how close Angel is sleeping to entrance of the tent. My mind is wandering to the land of "no way that is ever going to happen ever in your entire life."
 What if the old man sneaks in and snatches your little sister,or, maybe tomorrow he will jump out and hold a gun to someone's head and pulls the trigger. When I heard that malicious voice again I let out a choked shriek of terror, grasping my blankets to my chest. I give a hurried glance towards my sister, just to make sure her blood is not splattered across the tent walls. With a trembling hand I reach out, revealing my hand to the frosty air, and softly stroke her long ash blonde hair that's gone wild with her restless slumber.
 You have to keep an eye out Macey they are using the old man as a distraction. Be warned they are coming. There it is again that voice. Who is coming. It would be nice if you gave me information that isn't stupid once and a while. I think back. But the voice is gone again. I try to forget about the voice and go back to sleep. But I can't take my eyes off Angel. Whoever or what ever is coming better get ready to get their buts whipped first before they lay a finger on my Angel.

Next Day

 When I pulled myself out of bed, the first thing I do is make sure Angel is still in a deep slumber or breathing in the fresh air. When I see she is not in the tent I dash as fast as a cheetah to see if she is outside. When I am in view of the sun, I breath a sigh of relief when I see her ash blonde hair dancing in the icy breeze. But when I take a closer look I realise something that makes my heart skip a beat. I run over to Mum to make sure that I am wrong.
"Where is Angel" I demand.
What Mum says is not what I wanted to hear.
"We thought she was with you" She whispers in a rough voice. My mouth falls. When I turn to run and look for her, my eyes lock onto the old man. He is climbing into his car when he sees me. The dark smirk that spreads across his face, sends chills down my spine.
 As he drives off, in the back window I see a small face rise up. I scan the face but all I can see is the hair........ long ash blonde. I fall to my knees and throw my hands at the ground with all my force. When I raise my head, the only thing i can say nearly burns a hole through my heart.......ANGEL.

Keep viewing my blog for Part two coming soon and Part three is being thought about. If your interested in the mini sieres, Sorry but Part two might take a bit longer. It would be really helpful if my audience could give me some ideas. Thanks.

Partially Written by one of my closest friends Angel