Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 The street looks ravishing covered in the soft white snow. I've never seen my town like this before. As I trudge past the school, the snow gets deeper and my boots sink down into the snow. Because my eyes are focusing on my friends and trying to get their attention, I don't realize that there is a hole right where I am about to step. My foot takes for what feels like forever to fall down into the hole and make my face plummet into the snow. When my wrapped up cozy body hits the ground, my body no longer feels cozy it feels bone chilling. I would get up but my legs have decided that they are quite happy here and have fallen asleep. When I decide there is no point trying to get up i feel a warm hand on my back. I swivel my head around (even though I don't want to.) I see a welcoming hand reaching down offering to help me. When I grab the hand the pleasant person that decided to help me, I see it is Sean, a boy in my class.
"Are you alright, you took quite a fall into the snow" Sean exclaims.
I nod my head as he helps me up. I thank him when I'm up and all the snow is off me. When I try to walk into school, I feel pain shoot up my leg from my ankle. Before I can hurtle towards the ground again I feel a hand on my back again. But this time it isn't Sean ......... it's my friend Kora.
"You need to watch yourself girl"Kora states in an intent tone.
 She helps me hobble into school and tells me that she saw me and Sean. Same old Kora I huff and ignore her.
 When I get home the first thing I hear is the phone ring. I dash over to pick it up.........but there is no one on the other line. I check the number then check the phone book. It was Seans number. I wonder what he wanted. Maybe he wanted ideas for secret santa. He keeps saying he got someone I know well and asking me what I think would be good.
 The next day at school Kora is very excited. She said that Trevor just asked her to go to the movies with her.
"Wow christmas miracle lucky girl" I say.
 Suddenly she says she knows who got me for secret santa.
"Was it.....Ricky or Rodney........I know Sean" I exclaim.
 She has a worried look on her face as if she never thought I would guess it.
"It is, I won't tell anybody" I state
 After school I help Kora get ready for her date with Trevor. When she gets there I say goodbye and see her walk off to Trevor. As I am walking home I don't realize that Sean is walking down the other path. When we smash heads we both fall over onto the concrete. He helps me get up and apologizes again and again. Suddenly he screams.
"What, whats wrong" I pronounce.
 He doesn't even say anything he just raises his hand to my forehead. When he his off its covered in blood.........my blood. I instantly feel faint and I fall over. The impact on my back makes me jump but then I fall again.
 When I wake up I am in my own bed. My head is aching but nothing happened it was a dream. I find my feet and get ready for school. When I get outside I see Sean walking to school. He gestures towards me to come and walk with him. When walk past Koras house her and Trevor walk out ot walk with us. At school Sean asks me to come to the park with him. I nod gently (he looks very pleased.)
 Best christmas ever.

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