Friday, December 7, 2012

Lightning Bolt

 As I trudge up the hill, lightning strikes the ground a couple hundred metres away from me. Bolt, my dog, charges to my side. He starts moaning like a baby that has just been thrown away by it's parents. We start speeding up a little to get away from the storm. Suddenly, with no warning, a lightning bolt strikes the ground extremely close to us. I turn and run the other way. After about a minute of running, I pause panting frantically. Then I wonder aloud "where's Bolt". I shout and scream his name. But nothing happens. I re-trace my steps. In the dark I see a figure lying on the ground. I run and skid to a halt. As soon as I see what it is I collapse to the ground crying. I gently grab my now dead dog and cradle him in my arms. The thunder has stopped, so I decide to climb a tree to be alone and grieve. As I struggle to climb the tree Bolt slips from my grip. I jump down and catch Bolt and start the climb again. As soon as I reach the top of the tree I lie down on a thick branch and keep Bolt tight and close to my heart and shut my eyes.
 I am suddenly woken up at the crack of dawn by a bunch of birds singing their warning call. All of a sudden I hear a big roaring noise. Then the tree I'm in starts to shake and fall forwards. When the tree is close to less than three metres from the ground, I jump out and roll on my back. I look around to see what had caused the commotion. By now it must be at least 10:00 am. I place Bolt on the ground and check to see if there is any dramatic damage. On his back he has a lightning bolt shaped wound just like harry potter's. I scream in terror.I slowly trace the scar with my finger. I pick him up and stroke him head to tail.
 I jump and fall back from the shock of hearing bushes rustling and heavy footsteps. I'm about to hide behind a bush, when a giant man steps out from the clamber of trees.......... with a gun!
"Drop the dog" the man says  in a rough voice, pointing the gun at my head.
I tell him that I would never let go of Bolt. The man says that he is not afraid to shoot.
"I would rather die with Bolt then keep living and give to a complete stranger and not know where he is or what's happening to him and anyway me and Bolt can't be separated."
 I close my eyes and squeeze Bolt as gently but as hard as I can, and wait for the bang to indicate my
death............. My faithful soul rises up into the air and onto a cloud, just in time to see the man that
shot me try and pry Bolt from my limp and lifeless body. But he can't. I laugh, I did tell him that Bolt
and I can't be separated.

By a girl I knew called Katiya.

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