Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Swear the World Just Ended for Me


My head spins and my stomach churns."Come on just do it" everyone keeps chanting. All of my eight "friends" are here. I look down over the edge. When I see how far it is I feel faint and fall......over down the cliff towards the water. As I am falling down, I hear my best friend scream my name and it makes wonder will I survive this. When my head hits the water, I start to lose consciousness. My limp body descends down into the water. When I hit the sea floor, I manage to somehow regain consciousness and look up to see how deep I am. When I see how far down I am, I open my mouth to scream but water enters my lungs and my body try's to send me into a heavy sleep. As I am almost completely asleep, I see eight pairs of legs swimming above where I am.

Best friend

 I still can't believe I could have had a part in her falling. Although no one actually saw her fall, the police are questioning everyone that was there. They are asking people things like "does anybody have any reason to get back at her" and "was there someone there that no one knew". And other rubbish like that. Even though we keep telling the police that nobody except me her boyfriend and other friends were there, they don't believe us. I have been interviewed eight times and I'm going back today.
 When I wander into the station the first thing I see is a gurney with a blanket covering a figure."NOOOOOO SHE CAN'T BE GONE NOOOOO"I run over to her lifeless body"PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD PLEASE"
 Because I am causing such a commotion I am escorted out of the station by a police officer. When her body finally comes out of the station, it is put in an ambulance. When the ambulance is out of sight an officer tells me that she is dead just in an severe coma and the doctor don't know how long it will be till she wakes up. They say that she was just at the police station to be examined. When she gets back to the hospital she will be tested so the doctors can see what is going on in her brain and if there is any swelling on her brain. The police officer tells me I should go home and be with family to grieve even though she is not dead, but we might never see her again.
 When I finally end up back at home I slump onto the couch next to mum. I do not know what to do with my life anymore.
"We will never see her again will we mum" I exclaim sadly.
 My Mum shakes her head then gets up and walks away. I lie down on the couch and grieve silently to myself. Without warning I hear someone smashing on the door. When I open the door there standing right in front of me holding a gun. The last thing I hear is a scream from my little sister and then I see the man run away. As he runs he takes his mask off and I see his face......................it is my best friend boyfriend. At least if she doesn't make it I will be able to see her.


 As I am in my last moments, I can hear mummers of conversation. Everyone is saying that my best friend is..........dead. As I enter into my afterlife I smile because I will get to see her again. When I get to um where you go when you die, there in front of me I see her. She turns around and looks amused that we both died only one day apart. I wave at her and the corners of my mouth turn up. Even though I can't see my family at least I have my best friend. We always said we would go to the grave together. 


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