Saturday, December 8, 2012

Death in the Dessert

 Sweat beads off my brow as the scorching sun dries out the already bone dry ground. My hair fastens itself to my head. My mouth is parched and my tongue feels like sandpaper. My feet ache as I trudge forward to the shade I can see. When I enter the shade, relief  cascades over me. My whole body immediately cools down. I know soon I will have to move on and out of the shade. But I am dreeding that moment. Without noticing I drift of to sleep under the shelter of the tree.
 When I wake up the landscape I am looking at does not look familiar. I strive to get up but my hands are fastened tightly above my head. I am hanging by my hands up about three stories high with a great quantity of guards and archers surrounding me below. The sight of the sunset from up here is glorious. I can feel myself slowly drifting back to sleep but my resting is disturbed by a loud scream from underneath me. I unfasten my eyelids from in front of my eyes and observe the land under me. The first thing I see is a teensy girl being held up by her dress by a fiendish looking man. The small girl looks familiar. She has fiery hair like mine and even though I am three stories high can see that she has ocean blue eyes. I try to scan my brain to remember who that girl is. I have almost got an idea of who that girl is, the rope that is holding me up jerks and I am lowed down towards the girl. I can faintly see the grotesque men lowering me down. When I reach the ground a mountain of a man comes towards me and penetrates the ropes tightly wound around my wrist. As soon as the ropes come off I am relieved  that the rope can no longer burn my flesh. Without any warning the mountain of a man comes back and grabs me by my throat, trying intently to kill me. With all the blood rushing to my head I start to lose consciousness. Dark close in around me as I gasp for air. But with all his force I black out.

One week later

 When I finally wake up, all I can feel is pain around my neck and sweat dripping down my face. There is no ground below me. All that's there is............molten lava bubbling and sizzling underneath me. As I am lowered towards the smoking acid, I hear a small cry for help coming from my left. When I turn my head there is the small girl  being lowered into the volcano as well. Why would anyone want to murder this girl. I start to really listen to what she is saying and as I make it out it's not a cry for help all she is saying is simply "Dad." I can tell she is directing this at me. I swing towards her and hold her hand then we wait.

Sorry not my best work.

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