Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breaking News

Chapter 1
 Leo Hucherson sat in his room gazing out his window at the meadow filled with cows on the outskirts of town. The window in Leo’s room was at the peak of the house aboon many other rooms such as his wee sisters room. As he was gazing out he started to think back to the time when it was his eighth birthday on he only had sprite to stop people from being thirsty. His sister started weeping and locked herself in the bathroom. When she came out she was in a charming dress trying to take over Leo’s party. When Leo had come back to this day and time his father was standing at the door to Leo’s room looking enraged. Leo turned his head away to stare at the cows again.
“ Leo, why aren’t you at school.” Leo’s father said just as enraged as his face looked.
“Because I got told by a boy that I didn’t know to leave him and everyone else alone so I came home.” Leo said
 In the back of his mind Leo was thinking about how his father was such a stubby man. But because his father was so upset at the moment Leo kept his mouth shut. 
“Yes father.”
“Don’t worry about it I wouldn’t want to make you feel like sobbing.”

Chapter 2

  The next day at school Leo sat by himself at his normal table in the cafeteria. He stared down at his mystery meat wondering why the lunch ladies had to make it so confusing. Why couldn’t they just tell the school what meat the children were eating. Any way the lunch looked gross and just plain yuck
“Are you going to eat that?”
 Leo turned his to look behind him and figure out who was talking to him. In front of him he saw a chubby boy and standing with his hands clutching his food tray so hard that his knuckles were turning white. Leo was not listening he was examining the boy because he did not know him. When Leo reached the boys feet, Leo saw that the boy was not wearing shoes only his plain black socks.
“Well…..are you going to eat that?” the boy repeated.
Leo shook his head and handed the tray to the boy. When the boy sat down next to Leo and started shoveling the food into his mouth Leo felt very uncomfortable sitting next to this strange boy.

Chapter 3

“I meet a boy at school today, I think his name is Josh Anderson and I think were friends”
Leo’s father nodded….but was not listening. Leo walked out of the lounge feeling like an idiot. Leo did not meet Josh and had become buddies with him. Josh had eaten his food and only told him about some party. Suddenly Leo remembered Josh had asked him to come to the party. But….his father wouldn’t let him go it was a school night. He needed a plan.
  Leo waltzed into the living room ready to fool his father.
“Father, there is a group of children going to the library to study tonight, can I go”
“Leo that’s very sly but I know about the party that is happening tonight”
“Can I still go.”
Leo’s father slowly nodded. Leo dashed into his room to make sure he stood out amongst the get together.
 When he was ready to go he was ready to go, he walked out the front door slamming it behind him trying to be a rebel. 

Chapter 4

Leo’s father sat on the couch twiddling his thumbs waiting fro Leo to arrive home. It was well passed Leo’s curfew.
“Oh I’m tired I’m going to bed” Leo’s father said to himself.
 Leo’s father dragged himself out of bed at 6 o’clock. He stared around the lounge and noticed that Leo was still not back. Leo’s father then popped his head in Leo’s bedroom door…..no Leo. He walked into the lounge and sat down on the couch to watch the news.
“BREAKING NEWS” the reporter screamed. “ A boy that was at a party at western beach last night as been reported missing by a boy called Josh Anderson who went to the same school as him. Police are searching the area of the beach for the boy…….. We have just received the name of the boy. His name is………..Leo Hucherson.

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