Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Swear the World Just Ended for Me


My head spins and my stomach churns."Come on just do it" everyone keeps chanting. All of my eight "friends" are here. I look down over the edge. When I see how far it is I feel faint and fall......over down the cliff towards the water. As I am falling down, I hear my best friend scream my name and it makes wonder will I survive this. When my head hits the water, I start to lose consciousness. My limp body descends down into the water. When I hit the sea floor, I manage to somehow regain consciousness and look up to see how deep I am. When I see how far down I am, I open my mouth to scream but water enters my lungs and my body try's to send me into a heavy sleep. As I am almost completely asleep, I see eight pairs of legs swimming above where I am.

Best friend

 I still can't believe I could have had a part in her falling. Although no one actually saw her fall, the police are questioning everyone that was there. They are asking people things like "does anybody have any reason to get back at her" and "was there someone there that no one knew". And other rubbish like that. Even though we keep telling the police that nobody except me her boyfriend and other friends were there, they don't believe us. I have been interviewed eight times and I'm going back today.
 When I wander into the station the first thing I see is a gurney with a blanket covering a figure."NOOOOOO SHE CAN'T BE GONE NOOOOO"I run over to her lifeless body"PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD PLEASE"
 Because I am causing such a commotion I am escorted out of the station by a police officer. When her body finally comes out of the station, it is put in an ambulance. When the ambulance is out of sight an officer tells me that she is dead just in an severe coma and the doctor don't know how long it will be till she wakes up. They say that she was just at the police station to be examined. When she gets back to the hospital she will be tested so the doctors can see what is going on in her brain and if there is any swelling on her brain. The police officer tells me I should go home and be with family to grieve even though she is not dead, but we might never see her again.
 When I finally end up back at home I slump onto the couch next to mum. I do not know what to do with my life anymore.
"We will never see her again will we mum" I exclaim sadly.
 My Mum shakes her head then gets up and walks away. I lie down on the couch and grieve silently to myself. Without warning I hear someone smashing on the door. When I open the door there standing right in front of me holding a gun. The last thing I hear is a scream from my little sister and then I see the man run away. As he runs he takes his mask off and I see his face......................it is my best friend boyfriend. At least if she doesn't make it I will be able to see her.


 As I am in my last moments, I can hear mummers of conversation. Everyone is saying that my best friend is..........dead. As I enter into my afterlife I smile because I will get to see her again. When I get to um where you go when you die, there in front of me I see her. She turns around and looks amused that we both died only one day apart. I wave at her and the corners of my mouth turn up. Even though I can't see my family at least I have my best friend. We always said we would go to the grave together. 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 The street looks ravishing covered in the soft white snow. I've never seen my town like this before. As I trudge past the school, the snow gets deeper and my boots sink down into the snow. Because my eyes are focusing on my friends and trying to get their attention, I don't realize that there is a hole right where I am about to step. My foot takes for what feels like forever to fall down into the hole and make my face plummet into the snow. When my wrapped up cozy body hits the ground, my body no longer feels cozy it feels bone chilling. I would get up but my legs have decided that they are quite happy here and have fallen asleep. When I decide there is no point trying to get up i feel a warm hand on my back. I swivel my head around (even though I don't want to.) I see a welcoming hand reaching down offering to help me. When I grab the hand the pleasant person that decided to help me, I see it is Sean, a boy in my class.
"Are you alright, you took quite a fall into the snow" Sean exclaims.
I nod my head as he helps me up. I thank him when I'm up and all the snow is off me. When I try to walk into school, I feel pain shoot up my leg from my ankle. Before I can hurtle towards the ground again I feel a hand on my back again. But this time it isn't Sean ......... it's my friend Kora.
"You need to watch yourself girl"Kora states in an intent tone.
 She helps me hobble into school and tells me that she saw me and Sean. Same old Kora I huff and ignore her.
 When I get home the first thing I hear is the phone ring. I dash over to pick it up.........but there is no one on the other line. I check the number then check the phone book. It was Seans number. I wonder what he wanted. Maybe he wanted ideas for secret santa. He keeps saying he got someone I know well and asking me what I think would be good.
 The next day at school Kora is very excited. She said that Trevor just asked her to go to the movies with her.
"Wow christmas miracle lucky girl" I say.
 Suddenly she says she knows who got me for secret santa.
"Was it.....Ricky or Rodney........I know Sean" I exclaim.
 She has a worried look on her face as if she never thought I would guess it.
"It is, I won't tell anybody" I state
 After school I help Kora get ready for her date with Trevor. When she gets there I say goodbye and see her walk off to Trevor. As I am walking home I don't realize that Sean is walking down the other path. When we smash heads we both fall over onto the concrete. He helps me get up and apologizes again and again. Suddenly he screams.
"What, whats wrong" I pronounce.
 He doesn't even say anything he just raises his hand to my forehead. When he his off its covered in blood.........my blood. I instantly feel faint and I fall over. The impact on my back makes me jump but then I fall again.
 When I wake up I am in my own bed. My head is aching but nothing happened it was a dream. I find my feet and get ready for school. When I get outside I see Sean walking to school. He gestures towards me to come and walk with him. When walk past Koras house her and Trevor walk out ot walk with us. At school Sean asks me to come to the park with him. I nod gently (he looks very pleased.)
 Best christmas ever.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breaking News

Chapter 1
 Leo Hucherson sat in his room gazing out his window at the meadow filled with cows on the outskirts of town. The window in Leo’s room was at the peak of the house aboon many other rooms such as his wee sisters room. As he was gazing out he started to think back to the time when it was his eighth birthday on he only had sprite to stop people from being thirsty. His sister started weeping and locked herself in the bathroom. When she came out she was in a charming dress trying to take over Leo’s party. When Leo had come back to this day and time his father was standing at the door to Leo’s room looking enraged. Leo turned his head away to stare at the cows again.
“ Leo, why aren’t you at school.” Leo’s father said just as enraged as his face looked.
“Because I got told by a boy that I didn’t know to leave him and everyone else alone so I came home.” Leo said
 In the back of his mind Leo was thinking about how his father was such a stubby man. But because his father was so upset at the moment Leo kept his mouth shut. 
“Yes father.”
“Don’t worry about it I wouldn’t want to make you feel like sobbing.”

Chapter 2

  The next day at school Leo sat by himself at his normal table in the cafeteria. He stared down at his mystery meat wondering why the lunch ladies had to make it so confusing. Why couldn’t they just tell the school what meat the children were eating. Any way the lunch looked gross and just plain yuck
“Are you going to eat that?”
 Leo turned his to look behind him and figure out who was talking to him. In front of him he saw a chubby boy and standing with his hands clutching his food tray so hard that his knuckles were turning white. Leo was not listening he was examining the boy because he did not know him. When Leo reached the boys feet, Leo saw that the boy was not wearing shoes only his plain black socks.
“Well…..are you going to eat that?” the boy repeated.
Leo shook his head and handed the tray to the boy. When the boy sat down next to Leo and started shoveling the food into his mouth Leo felt very uncomfortable sitting next to this strange boy.

Chapter 3

“I meet a boy at school today, I think his name is Josh Anderson and I think were friends”
Leo’s father nodded….but was not listening. Leo walked out of the lounge feeling like an idiot. Leo did not meet Josh and had become buddies with him. Josh had eaten his food and only told him about some party. Suddenly Leo remembered Josh had asked him to come to the party. But….his father wouldn’t let him go it was a school night. He needed a plan.
  Leo waltzed into the living room ready to fool his father.
“Father, there is a group of children going to the library to study tonight, can I go”
“Leo that’s very sly but I know about the party that is happening tonight”
“Can I still go.”
Leo’s father slowly nodded. Leo dashed into his room to make sure he stood out amongst the get together.
 When he was ready to go he was ready to go, he walked out the front door slamming it behind him trying to be a rebel. 

Chapter 4

Leo’s father sat on the couch twiddling his thumbs waiting fro Leo to arrive home. It was well passed Leo’s curfew.
“Oh I’m tired I’m going to bed” Leo’s father said to himself.
 Leo’s father dragged himself out of bed at 6 o’clock. He stared around the lounge and noticed that Leo was still not back. Leo’s father then popped his head in Leo’s bedroom door…..no Leo. He walked into the lounge and sat down on the couch to watch the news.
“BREAKING NEWS” the reporter screamed. “ A boy that was at a party at western beach last night as been reported missing by a boy called Josh Anderson who went to the same school as him. Police are searching the area of the beach for the boy…….. We have just received the name of the boy. His name is………..Leo Hucherson.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Death in the Dessert

 Sweat beads off my brow as the scorching sun dries out the already bone dry ground. My hair fastens itself to my head. My mouth is parched and my tongue feels like sandpaper. My feet ache as I trudge forward to the shade I can see. When I enter the shade, relief  cascades over me. My whole body immediately cools down. I know soon I will have to move on and out of the shade. But I am dreeding that moment. Without noticing I drift of to sleep under the shelter of the tree.
 When I wake up the landscape I am looking at does not look familiar. I strive to get up but my hands are fastened tightly above my head. I am hanging by my hands up about three stories high with a great quantity of guards and archers surrounding me below. The sight of the sunset from up here is glorious. I can feel myself slowly drifting back to sleep but my resting is disturbed by a loud scream from underneath me. I unfasten my eyelids from in front of my eyes and observe the land under me. The first thing I see is a teensy girl being held up by her dress by a fiendish looking man. The small girl looks familiar. She has fiery hair like mine and even though I am three stories high can see that she has ocean blue eyes. I try to scan my brain to remember who that girl is. I have almost got an idea of who that girl is, the rope that is holding me up jerks and I am lowed down towards the girl. I can faintly see the grotesque men lowering me down. When I reach the ground a mountain of a man comes towards me and penetrates the ropes tightly wound around my wrist. As soon as the ropes come off I am relieved  that the rope can no longer burn my flesh. Without any warning the mountain of a man comes back and grabs me by my throat, trying intently to kill me. With all the blood rushing to my head I start to lose consciousness. Dark close in around me as I gasp for air. But with all his force I black out.

One week later

 When I finally wake up, all I can feel is pain around my neck and sweat dripping down my face. There is no ground below me. All that's there is............molten lava bubbling and sizzling underneath me. As I am lowered towards the smoking acid, I hear a small cry for help coming from my left. When I turn my head there is the small girl  being lowered into the volcano as well. Why would anyone want to murder this girl. I start to really listen to what she is saying and as I make it out it's not a cry for help all she is saying is simply "Dad." I can tell she is directing this at me. I swing towards her and hold her hand then we wait.

Sorry not my best work.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lightning Bolt

 As I trudge up the hill, lightning strikes the ground a couple hundred metres away from me. Bolt, my dog, charges to my side. He starts moaning like a baby that has just been thrown away by it's parents. We start speeding up a little to get away from the storm. Suddenly, with no warning, a lightning bolt strikes the ground extremely close to us. I turn and run the other way. After about a minute of running, I pause panting frantically. Then I wonder aloud "where's Bolt". I shout and scream his name. But nothing happens. I re-trace my steps. In the dark I see a figure lying on the ground. I run and skid to a halt. As soon as I see what it is I collapse to the ground crying. I gently grab my now dead dog and cradle him in my arms. The thunder has stopped, so I decide to climb a tree to be alone and grieve. As I struggle to climb the tree Bolt slips from my grip. I jump down and catch Bolt and start the climb again. As soon as I reach the top of the tree I lie down on a thick branch and keep Bolt tight and close to my heart and shut my eyes.
 I am suddenly woken up at the crack of dawn by a bunch of birds singing their warning call. All of a sudden I hear a big roaring noise. Then the tree I'm in starts to shake and fall forwards. When the tree is close to less than three metres from the ground, I jump out and roll on my back. I look around to see what had caused the commotion. By now it must be at least 10:00 am. I place Bolt on the ground and check to see if there is any dramatic damage. On his back he has a lightning bolt shaped wound just like harry potter's. I scream in terror.I slowly trace the scar with my finger. I pick him up and stroke him head to tail.
 I jump and fall back from the shock of hearing bushes rustling and heavy footsteps. I'm about to hide behind a bush, when a giant man steps out from the clamber of trees.......... with a gun!
"Drop the dog" the man says  in a rough voice, pointing the gun at my head.
I tell him that I would never let go of Bolt. The man says that he is not afraid to shoot.
"I would rather die with Bolt then keep living and give to a complete stranger and not know where he is or what's happening to him and anyway me and Bolt can't be separated."
 I close my eyes and squeeze Bolt as gently but as hard as I can, and wait for the bang to indicate my
death............. My faithful soul rises up into the air and onto a cloud, just in time to see the man that
shot me try and pry Bolt from my limp and lifeless body. But he can't. I laugh, I did tell him that Bolt
and I can't be separated.

By a girl I knew called Katiya.