Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Wrath of the Clocks

 I can hear the clock ticking on and on. My back is sinking into the couch cushion deeper and deeper. There is no way of entertaining myself. I feel like I'm going to ooze through the couch cushion and completely dissapear. The clouds start to take over the sky. I gaze at them, so ominous and dreary. Their coldness seeps in through the cracks in the house. But all I can focus on is the booming clock. The noise echoes around the house. Making me shudder with fear. The echoes make it seem like there are tiny people in the house sneaking behind me ready to pounce. The house is so eerie you would never know if someone was creeping around. 
 Now that we live in Nana's mansion I am terrified. It's also very strange because there is a wall that only has clocks on it. Rectangle clocks, square clocks even cukcoo clocks. All clocks you could think of except a normal round clock. Mum always says but who is to say whats normal. Your normal might be different than my normal and my normal might be different than Nana's normal get the picture.  There is also a phrase engraved in the wall in a different language. I've tried to figure out what it says but it's to hard and I'm thirteen I have things to do.
 Anyway back to me wasting my time. I am still sinking into the couch cushion. Just as it has almost swallowed me I hear a growl. I look up and everything is gone accept the clock even the house is gone. I try to get up and run but thousands of tiny clock hands pull me down into the couch. My legs break free from the tiny hands in the couch. My arms have almost peeled out of the couch but....... no it's to late the couch has swallowed me. Now all I can see is the occasional person walk past and stare into my eyes then they will keep walking past the wall of clocks. Sadly I'm not the only person who has suffered the wrath of the clocks.

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