Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Day She Disappeared

 She had been only been gone for only three days but the police had already scoured the beach, the shops and the whole town. She had completely disappeared. Her family refused to give up on finding her. I had been searching for her as well. Sadly in my heart I knew she was gone and probably forever. As her best friend I felt responsible. No one knew but I was the last person to speak to her before.....before she vanished. She said that she had a new job and wouldn't be back at our flat till midnight. I was a bit skittish because we don't really live an ideal town and in this town you don't stay out late. You just don't these some people that will do anything to have complaining. Unfortunately for her she probably met one of these people. Just because she was young and naive she was properly abducted. Well no one actually knows what happened but I think abduction is highly likely. But she could have been walking home and gone for a surf at the beach then never come out. It's highly unlikely though. Even though it was dumb to take a night shift she was a smart girl and knew about late night rips. The police may have already searched the whole town but I had a fair idea of where she could be. The place she could be tucked away is in plain sight. But because the doctors say I am traumatized I can not remember for the life of me where her hiding place is. The police have been trying to get some information but my head goes blank whenever they talk. I would love to remember where it is because that is the most likely place she would be. All I won't is to see my best friend again. I has to live with my brother until she is either found alive or the police know she is dead. The reason for that is because according to my parents I'm educationally challenged. I have no idea what that means. Anyway as I was trying to force myself to remember her hiding place the phone rung. I trudged over to answer the phone. Before I could even responded all I can hear is cry out down the phone. "She's been found you have to come to the police station as swiftly as possible....oh by the way don't be to......" Before the person on the phone is even finished I slam the phone down and scamper out the door. When I arrive at the police station I am so excited because the first thing I see is her in the corner rapped up in the blanket. The second thing I see isn't so pleasing."I'm sorry miss but you have been charged with abducting this girl here then assaulting her and leaving her for death" Before I can make a statement I am clasped in irons and led to a cell. As I walk passed my best friend the look on her face is traumatized and alarmed. Her mothers eyes look at me with utter disgust. I guess my parents were right my learning disabilities were probably going to be the end of me.

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