Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mr Lindens Library

 The ivy slowly twisted it's way out of the book. It was spiraling towards her at an emmensse speed. She had  been there for hours as still as night. If you saw her now (which would be difficult) you would never be able to tell it wasn't murder. I don't want to throw a non-murder mystery at you strait off so let me start from the beginning.
 I watched her from the very start. I watched the small girl grow into a teenage and the teenager become a woman. Now I could watch her from my kitchen window. We were neighbours now thats the way I liked it. As you could imagine I'm quite old and I don't have much patience. The day before the accident happened she waltzed up my front path and knocked on the door roughly with her bony fist. I undid the lock and peered round the corner of the door.
"Hello......I heard you had a library can I borrow some books" she said timidly.
"I'm warning you they don't liked to be messed with" I warned her.
 She took the books and trudged down the path. Thats the last time I saw her. So now you know what happened before. Maybe you can imagine my surprise when I went over to see my beloved books and instead I saw her body being trapped by ivy. I tried to warn her. The ivy wasn't finished with her so I dived under the bed before the ivy turned to me. My blood was pumping, my knees were aching. The bed was starting to dip down from the weight of all the ivy. I did not realize that the ivy was coming up behind me until it clutched onto my foot. I jumped out and hobbled for the door. My hand grasped the ice cold door handle. But it was stuck and wouldn't budge. The ivy turned towards me. That is the last thing I saw before I was engulfed in a cocoon of ivy. The last thing I felt was the cool breeze coming from the wide open window. Such a peaceful night to die.

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