Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sophie the "cat"

 The swing screeches as the wind pushes me back and forth. The eerie screeches echo over the whole park. I gaze around the park. Everyone else has left so I am all alone. It's nice that no one can see how much of a I little kid I look like. Mum convinced me I needed some fresh air but this is the only place where no one comes anymore. Because its old and rusty. It's also kind of creepy. People have been known to disappear in the mist. Enough muttering to myself. Whats the time? I should be heading home. As I bound off the swing, the mist in the park separates showing me the way back to the street. Just I am about to turn the corner into my driveway right next to the park, I hear a loud moan that sends shivers down my spine. I spin on my heels and tilt my head down. There at my feet is a pitch black cat as dark as night. It's slinky body links in and out of my legs. It's a beautiful cat but its getting late I have to go home it's really late.

Next day

"Later Mum" I yell and peel out the door before she can say anything else.
 Just as I am almost at school I hear a familiar moan. The moan makes my spine shiver again and I can tell something is wrong. Again I see the cat, its creeping towards me. I need to get away from this cat. Now! I dash down the road and bolt around the corner to the school. But the cat somehow manages to keep up with me. At least in the school it can stare at me with those beady eyes. It's like it knows me and knows every move I'm going to make. I've alway wanted to take a cat home and have it curl up on my bed but this cat makes me skittish and frightened.
"Ms Winterstone please answer the question"
 The sudden shout makes me jump out of my seat. When I open my eyes I see my teacher Miss Winchester, standing in front of my desk spitting in my face. Her face is as red as a fire engine. The vein in her fore head is leaping out, making me feel sick. It's no surprise she doesn't have a husband (she's not a pretty lady.)
"Ok everyone because Havana is not going to answer this question and there's only a few minutes left in school you can leave."As soon as she was finished I bolted out the door. Wait......the cat. My spine shivers as the cat moans again. This time I don't run I just walk and yet again the cat follows. It's not to bad this time. The cat just walks along beside me ac linking in occasionally linking between my legs. Maybe I will bring it home.

Later that day

"But Mum why can't I have the cat it likes me and it won't stop following me"
 All she does is roll her eyes and shake her head. It's not fair. I trudge up to my room and drive my face into my pillow. As I am steadily drifting off to sleep I hear light scratches at my window. When I peep out the window I see the black cat resting there pleading for me to let it in. I peer at the door. Mum will never know. I plod over to the window and slide it up. The cat leaps in. As soon as the cat touches my floor a burst of light bounds out of the floor. When the light has clear there is no longer a cat only someone standing in my room. There standing where the cat used to be friend Sophie who died last year. Her starch naked body is shiver so hard she wobbles whilst standing there.
"Boy, have I missed you Havana."  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Day She Disappeared

 She had been only been gone for only three days but the police had already scoured the beach, the shops and the whole town. She had completely disappeared. Her family refused to give up on finding her. I had been searching for her as well. Sadly in my heart I knew she was gone and probably forever. As her best friend I felt responsible. No one knew but I was the last person to speak to her before.....before she vanished. She said that she had a new job and wouldn't be back at our flat till midnight. I was a bit skittish because we don't really live an ideal town and in this town you don't stay out late. You just don't these some people that will do anything to have complaining. Unfortunately for her she probably met one of these people. Just because she was young and naive she was properly abducted. Well no one actually knows what happened but I think abduction is highly likely. But she could have been walking home and gone for a surf at the beach then never come out. It's highly unlikely though. Even though it was dumb to take a night shift she was a smart girl and knew about late night rips. The police may have already searched the whole town but I had a fair idea of where she could be. The place she could be tucked away is in plain sight. But because the doctors say I am traumatized I can not remember for the life of me where her hiding place is. The police have been trying to get some information but my head goes blank whenever they talk. I would love to remember where it is because that is the most likely place she would be. All I won't is to see my best friend again. I has to live with my brother until she is either found alive or the police know she is dead. The reason for that is because according to my parents I'm educationally challenged. I have no idea what that means. Anyway as I was trying to force myself to remember her hiding place the phone rung. I trudged over to answer the phone. Before I could even responded all I can hear is cry out down the phone. "She's been found you have to come to the police station as swiftly as possible....oh by the way don't be to......" Before the person on the phone is even finished I slam the phone down and scamper out the door. When I arrive at the police station I am so excited because the first thing I see is her in the corner rapped up in the blanket. The second thing I see isn't so pleasing."I'm sorry miss but you have been charged with abducting this girl here then assaulting her and leaving her for death" Before I can make a statement I am clasped in irons and led to a cell. As I walk passed my best friend the look on her face is traumatized and alarmed. Her mothers eyes look at me with utter disgust. I guess my parents were right my learning disabilities were probably going to be the end of me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mr Lindens Library

 The ivy slowly twisted it's way out of the book. It was spiraling towards her at an emmensse speed. She had  been there for hours as still as night. If you saw her now (which would be difficult) you would never be able to tell it wasn't murder. I don't want to throw a non-murder mystery at you strait off so let me start from the beginning.
 I watched her from the very start. I watched the small girl grow into a teenage and the teenager become a woman. Now I could watch her from my kitchen window. We were neighbours now thats the way I liked it. As you could imagine I'm quite old and I don't have much patience. The day before the accident happened she waltzed up my front path and knocked on the door roughly with her bony fist. I undid the lock and peered round the corner of the door.
"Hello......I heard you had a library can I borrow some books" she said timidly.
"I'm warning you they don't liked to be messed with" I warned her.
 She took the books and trudged down the path. Thats the last time I saw her. So now you know what happened before. Maybe you can imagine my surprise when I went over to see my beloved books and instead I saw her body being trapped by ivy. I tried to warn her. The ivy wasn't finished with her so I dived under the bed before the ivy turned to me. My blood was pumping, my knees were aching. The bed was starting to dip down from the weight of all the ivy. I did not realize that the ivy was coming up behind me until it clutched onto my foot. I jumped out and hobbled for the door. My hand grasped the ice cold door handle. But it was stuck and wouldn't budge. The ivy turned towards me. That is the last thing I saw before I was engulfed in a cocoon of ivy. The last thing I felt was the cool breeze coming from the wide open window. Such a peaceful night to die.

The Wrath of the Clocks

 I can hear the clock ticking on and on. My back is sinking into the couch cushion deeper and deeper. There is no way of entertaining myself. I feel like I'm going to ooze through the couch cushion and completely dissapear. The clouds start to take over the sky. I gaze at them, so ominous and dreary. Their coldness seeps in through the cracks in the house. But all I can focus on is the booming clock. The noise echoes around the house. Making me shudder with fear. The echoes make it seem like there are tiny people in the house sneaking behind me ready to pounce. The house is so eerie you would never know if someone was creeping around. 
 Now that we live in Nana's mansion I am terrified. It's also very strange because there is a wall that only has clocks on it. Rectangle clocks, square clocks even cukcoo clocks. All clocks you could think of except a normal round clock. Mum always says but who is to say whats normal. Your normal might be different than my normal and my normal might be different than Nana's normal get the picture.  There is also a phrase engraved in the wall in a different language. I've tried to figure out what it says but it's to hard and I'm thirteen I have things to do.
 Anyway back to me wasting my time. I am still sinking into the couch cushion. Just as it has almost swallowed me I hear a growl. I look up and everything is gone accept the clock even the house is gone. I try to get up and run but thousands of tiny clock hands pull me down into the couch. My legs break free from the tiny hands in the couch. My arms have almost peeled out of the couch but....... no it's to late the couch has swallowed me. Now all I can see is the occasional person walk past and stare into my eyes then they will keep walking past the wall of clocks. Sadly I'm not the only person who has suffered the wrath of the clocks.